Charter of the United GIPs

Chairman of United GIPs Yoshio Miyagawa
Chairman of United GIPs
Yoshio Miyagawa

-Obtaining and Protecting Intellectual Property Rights Globally-



The member law firms of the United GIPs unite to provide global legal services to current and prospective clients on worldwide intellectual property right. The United GIPs' mandate is to assist all of their clients with obtaining, enforcing and utilizing their intellectual property rights in a strategic and efficient manner. Accordingly, our respective members, through their designated representatives, have agreed to the mandate of this Charter and do hereby establish a global and an international organization to be known as the "United GIPs."



The United GIPs recognizes that the intellectual property rights of an organization are critical to effectively compete in the current global marketplace. Today, more than ever, companies, in an effort to participate and survive in the global marketplace, must obtain, enforce and utilize their intellectual property rights effectively and efficiently. The procedural intricacies and cultural, legal and linguistic barriers of the countries, however, can impede a company’s efforts.

The purpose of the United GIPs is to overcome such intricacies and barriers through the international cooperation of the members of the United GIPs. Each United GIP member will take active role in the development and enforcement of each client's intellectual property rights, with an abiding belief that the cooperative practices of the United GIPs will result in a cumulative benefit to each of its clients.


The Organization and Principles

The United GIPs is an organization that unites a group of international intellectual property law firms such that, upon mutual agreement between the member law firms, each member law firm has agreed to provide legal services in a cooperative environment for the benefit of each client.

The member firms of the United GIPs, therefore, have agreed to act in cooperation to serve their clients in the most effective and efficient manner possible. However, each member firm has equal sovereignty such that the United GIPs as a whole does not have any right to intervene with any issues or matters that arise within each of member firms. Accordingly, under agreement that formed the United GIPs, each member firm is an independent legal entity with its own legal rights and responsibilities. The member firms are not responsible for actions, obligations, promises and the like made by any other member firm to any third party. Also no member firm can unilateral obligate any other member firm to under take any third party matter. Further, each member firm, as part of their agreement to become a member of the United GIPs, has agreed to respect the legal rights of and cooperate with the other United GIP member firms to make a global contribution with respect to the development and enforcement of the global intellectual property of any client of each member firm.